A Customised Notebook Is a Great Corporate Gift

A customised notebook makes a great corporate gift, especially if it reflects a company's brand identity. Typically made of acetate or PU leather, customised notebooks give off a high-end feel. They're splash-proof and won't fall apart in the rain. Many local companies even offer customised notebooks, making them a better buy than normal products. They also come in a variety of designs, from plain to elaborate.

The different styles of customised notebooks in Singapore allow customers to choose between hard-bound and soft-bound versions. Some styles have a sewn spine, while others are a simple paper cover. For business purposes, a customised notebook singapore is a perfect choice. Customers can choose from a leather or PU leather cover, and they can have the design they want to be printed on it. Some notebooks are even designed with a logo on them.

The most common customised notebook Singapore types are ring-bound, pole-bound, and twist-bound. Ring-bound notebooks contain rings, bars, or plates, while poll-bound notebooks have bent prongs to hold pages together. Unlike the latter, ring-bound notebooks can be opened and closed without damaging the pages. Likewise, they are great for students, business people, and entrepreneurs. There are several other types of customised notebooks, but these are the most common ones.

In addition to offering custom notebook printing in Singapore, Nanyang Gifts also provides other promotional products, including business cards. Providing branded merchandise to your customers will foster a sense of loyalty and boost your marketing efforts. These gifts also tend to stay with clients and prospects for a long time, which creates several impressions. You can't beat a customised notebook to make a great impression. So, choose your notebook wisely.

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